7 June 2015


The maddest thing a person could do is stop another from questioning one's belief to "avoid" deviation. To question is to understand and when there's curiosity, there's potential. Just because you do not have the answer, does not mean nobody does. 

Religion will always be a controversial topic, I can't quite fathom why. When it is something for the soul. That's not even the worst part— Apparently being controversial alone isn't enough, many a times, humans go against each other for not sharing the same beliefs. They wage wars, they take lives of innocent people, children! Everything in the name of religion. But isn't that a contradiction? Isn't that inhumane? Isn't that the complete opposite of what they've learnt and what has been taught? They think it's okay to use religion as an excuse for anything, an excuse to be murderers, an excuse to throw judgments or simply think they are above it all. They use religion to play god after they've learnt His teachings.

And then there are the godless ones. The ones that have been condemned for as long as I can remember because they have a different thinking. They are deemed to be immoral for not having a divine power as a guide but rather having themselves as one. But know that, the many godless people I've met happenned to be the kindest people in my life. 

So, question. Question everything, till you reach an understanding. Or else, you're only being fed and one day you might choke.