5 June 2015


Hello there to those who care. It's raining here on my side of town. Quite frankly, I could be doing something more productive like cleaning up the house or the likes of it but here I am typing. So, shall we get to it? I've been buying a lot of lipsticks lately. No, that's not me bragging, if I were to brag, trust me, you'll know it. Anyway, this is me sharing. I've been using Lime Crime as my daily lipstick (liquid to matte). Yes, blood red lips for most days and by the end of this post you'll know exactly how to get my signature red lips. Some of you might just skip to the end and yes, you can do that. But why miss out on the rest? You're already reading. My mother told me that it's not good to just merely do things half-way. If your mother never said such a thing, learn it from mine. That woman is almost always right. Anyway, aside from Lime Crime, I've fallen for another brand which is LASplash. I've got to say the staying power for LASplash is much more impressive than Lime Crime and it is easier to apply. When I say the staying power is impressive I mean, eat oily food or whatever, they cling to your lips like nobody's business. It's quite difficult to remove them unless you use an oil-based make up remover or to name a brand, Biore's Cleansing Oil Cotton Wipes works just fine for me.

Nymphadora by LASplash
 (A kind of mauve, darker than "Ghoulish" but belongs to the same family)

Ghoulish by LASplash
(A pale mauve, could be categorized as a nude shade)

Ravenclaw by LASplash
(Dark purple, you might think it's black but it's really not)

Black Velvet by Lime Crime
(Similar to Venom by LASplash)

Venom by LASplash

Untamed by LASplash
(A rich brown shade, that has more red pigments compared to "Spellbound")

Spellbound by LASplash

(This is similar to Lime Crime's "Salem", also the difference between this and "Untamed" is that is appears to be more of a deep brown with a slight green undertone)

 Innocent Vixen by LASplash
(The perfect slightly warm nude, this is beige)

And finally Wicked by Lime Crime.

But hold on, that isn't just it. I've used another lipstick underneath to make sure I get that blood red shade that I absolutely adore. So, yes, there are two layers of red to get that. The one underneath is Revlon's ColorBurst Matte Balm in 'Standout". Now, your curiosity has been appeased. I'm still looking for the perfect red lipstick that would be amazing standing alone without layering with anything else. And when I've found one, I'll let you know. Oh! That reminds me, you can purchase selected LASplash colours from www.notyourgod.co the ones I like, at least.