26 June 2015


The mentality of people nowadays are not only baffling but also infuriating — especially the newly pious. Which has led to abhorrence and that isn't something anyone should want in an already debased world.  Things are looking rather glum now, with all the shrivelled minds out there, nitpicking on everything and everyone. Having to preach on how one has to live one's life the right way. If having to live right doesn't sound too bad then perhaps having to eat the correct way or think the right way will change your mind. What I believe is happening is all the knowledge coming from a great number of people. Which isn't supposed to be a bad thing but humans being humans made it all so difficult by going to the extreme. Isn't religion supposed to unite? Has religion ever taught you to look down on others or shame them because they don't live the kind of life you do? What's happening now is majority of believers are too into the afterlife that they don't care much about their current. To simply put, they don't give a crap about human relations when in truth a good character needs to be portrayed to well-reflect the teachings of one's religion, to set a good example as to pique the interest of non-believers into learning the same thing. What they're doing now, with their close-mindedness is chase them away. What they are now are believers whose faith are running so thin that anything puny and unnecessary could set them off. You don't have to agree with me but if you take a moment to observe your surroundings, to read the headlines of the news today, to read the words published online by the people, you will see. That today, unlike the times before, we live amongst extremists and judgmental do-gooders. Most of them are those who have just started to learn. I believe in order to save the world start by saving yourself which many of us have forgotten to do.