30 October 2013

The defenseless

I care for those whose voices have been suppressed by fear, those who have been constantly beaten down by people who thought of themselves as much more superior. I care for those who are afraid of being who they really are because they're afraid of judgments in the eyes of everyone else's, they're afraid of imaginary labels being etched on their skin, so they blend in instead. I care for those people as I know how dreadful it must be to be forced to succumb to what the society think is acceptable but I've grown to not give a care of what people have to say because they always have something to say. As they tried to bring me down, I grew stronger, I became bolder and I spoke louder and no one could ever take that away from me— the pride and the love I have for myself will remain untouched. The life you have is yours, who you are today is who you're supposed to be and if you don't like it then change but if you do then let no one tells you otherwise because that would be the biggest disappointment you could have ever brought upon yourself. Fear not of the lives outside, aggrouped they unite and alone they shudder.
 Alas, creatures.