29 October 2013

Sinusitis is not sexy

Greetings loyal readers, initially I intended on updating my blog with a little story I've recorded last week but then it got deleted for some reason and I don't feel like recording again ergo, today I shall update with a few products I've used to feel somewhat better when my sinuses are infected and I'm out of antibiotics. I was really desperate in getting better as it's really difficult to drive or even walk around when I'm going through one of  my sinusitis episodes, so I looked up on natural ways to make the son of a bitch go away.

The first would be drinking a glass of diluted raw apple cider vinegar, twice a day. When I say diluted I mean 2 teaspoons of the apple cider vinegar in a coffee mug filled with warm water. I must warn you that it smells like feet and tastes a little funny. If you can't cope with the taste, you can always add some honey. It didn't just make my sinuses better but it also helps make the skin appear more plump and hydrated.

The second would be by using this Sinus Care Starter kit which I bought at a drugstore. It gives you an immediate relief but it is quite uncomfortable to pump the solution up into your nostril so it drains out of the other. This will clean your nostrils entirely, meaning it'll get rid of the nasty mucus. This product was an impulse purchase as I've mentioned, I was desperate but good news, it works. So, if you're just like me whom sinuses are often infected, you might want to give it a try.
  Alas, creatures.