28 August 2013

The cycle

The more you grow, the more you start thinking like your mother, yes, the woman that used to annoy the crap out of you when you were at that particular stage of constantly throwing tantrums. Trust me, this will happen you'll be more rational and when you look back on the things your mother used to tell you, you will now agree with her. If you're reading this and you're not there yet, you would probably say "Hell, no" but give your mother a break, she only wants the best for you even when at times you don't understand the reason but give her a break anyway because soon you will, soon you'd be inside her head, only it's not her head anymore, it is yours, that sounds exactly like hers. We will reach to a point where we know what's truly best for us and say if I were to change, in a way or two, it will be purely for myself as only then will I be completely certain of the decision I've made being the right one and only then will I never look back to who I used to be. One of the biggest mistakes people tend to make would be to change because they were told to and not because they wanted to. Good things aren't meant to do us any harm and maybe if we just open our hearts and minds to accept that, even if it's just a mite, we would be a better person, everyday. It's nothing new that we're attracted to bad decisions because we're the epitome of self-destruction but give the good ones a try. Evidently, a good change is the way to go.

We don't all have to grow old bitter. 

Alas, creatures.