8 November 2013

Loose tees

Hello there, as some of you may know, Frenzy To Go has recently released their unisex line "NOTNUDE"  along with their signature tees. I've been quite a slacker for awhile now, so I very much prefer putting on tees or simply long-sleeved tops when heading outside. It's just one of those moments when I'm just extremely lazy and considering I've never dressed up to impress anyone, I genuinely do not give a fuck. Back to their tees, both designs come in three colours which are black, grey and white. Also with sizes from S to L. They've launched this for a week now and the good news is that these shirts are selling really fast. So, you better get them while stocks last. Anyhow, you should follow them on Instagram for quick updates: @frenzytogo.

And here's a picture of when I've decided to be unattractive.

 Jump on the bandwagon and wear NOTNUDE as a fashion statement.
Come on people, make momma proud.

Alas, creatures.