17 December 2011


I have a severe allergy to the ordinary.

It's not something new to those who's been introduced to who I am that I do things I love doing without giving a flying fuck. I am peculiar in a lot of ways that people don't understand. I twist a lot of innocent things into something dark and complex, that's what I do best. A mixture of both worlds emerging as one which clearly portrays my bipolar self. I don't only wear the things I wear in my photographs just for the sake of the pictures but I do wear them outside in my daily life, not to seek for attention. I am one of the people who can walk around in normal clothes and still got caught in strangers' eyes. Fact. Which sucks, perhaps because I'm taller than average. Attention is the last thing I ever need really, in fact, I despise it. I just have my own world. And sir, your opinions are invalid because I for one care not about it. They can stare, they can whisper but boo, it's my world. Oh and by the way, my new artwork is up you can check it out on my Facebook page or my Deviantart as usual. I shouldn't have to keep repeating this, you know how it goes. It's about looking at your own reflection before pointing out everything that's wrong in others. Like me; I'm flawed, I know it and I love it. There's nothing people can say about me that I don't know already. That's probably why when they vomited adjectives or nouns that isn't me, I have the loudest guffaw, it tickles my intestines.

I do my own shit which makes me the shit, what's not to love?
Alas, creatures.