21 January 2012

So far, so damned

Nobody knows anybody.

One minute you fall in love with a person that you think you know so well and then everything you thought they were turned into something foreign, something you see in your dreams, something that kills you. Most things you experience are temporary. Happiness is temporary, pain lasts a lifetime. I couldn't help but wonder why did I get into this shit hole again when I know how everything will turn out in the end. Maybe there's always hope in everyone no matter how much of a pessimistic person one is. Maybe that's what made a fool out of us, the idea of hope. The idea that maybe that person is going to be different. But what's so different about humans, if only their hearts are placed as a display unit, if only you can visually see where the heart lies. Whether it's pure or simply pure bullshit. Maybe that's not much of what we seek, maybe purity isn't all we wanted, maybe all we wanted was stagnant feelings, unmoved, and if feelings were to even change the slightest bit perhaps all we wanted was for it to be bigger, larger, better. To the point of infinity but never the other way.
Alas, creatures.