15 December 2011

Au revoir

It is as though they're there crying to greet me and my endless misery.

Have you ever realized what writing does to you? Not only does it allow you to write down your very own thoughts to be remembered but in a lot of ways it heals you. To write down words of wisdom for yourself. To remind you the mistakes you did today shall not be repeated tomorrow or to remind you that pain is nothing else but a reward to yourself someday. I am only speaking for myself and for those who feel as how I feel. I have been thinking to start writing once more, to write the story of a soul that used to mean the world to me, I find my journey throughout the whole thing is worth writing. So much has happened in two years; monstrous things, beautiful things. I figure I'll walk down memory lane once more, delve into the past and write something honest that maybe someday people will read it and learn from it or witness the purest thing in life that's printed on papers. I believe it is an engrossing story, no story is as interesting as the ones we experience ourselves. You know, there's always going to be that one person that no matter how much they break your heart or whatever bullshit they pull that aches you like fuck or how ever long it's been, no one else can replace them in your life and in the core of your heart, you'll always feel for them. My person is a he. He'll always be remembered and I daresay till the day I die unless amnesia kicks in then forgive me.
Alas, creatures.