23 July 2015

minimAL icon

Hello there, as many of you know I have once started creating vectorized portraits a few months ago, probably last year. I can't quite keep track of time because my mind gets a wee bit hazy. Anyway, I started with my own icon as I find it satisfying to have my very own instead of just using any available apps out there to make one that doesn't even look like me. Yes, quite a perfectionist I am and if anything were to represent me it best be precise. Apparently, it has become my thing to not include eyes in my artwork. There's just something about missing eyes that makes it all better. Much more dour, much more me.

Good news, you can now get your own icon as well, just like the ones above.

 Price: RM 20 per icon (face)

I don't know about you but I like my things one of a kind so having the same shit as everyone else will not work with me. If you and I are on the same page, you can place your order via email at officialallylilith@gmail.com with the following format :

Attachment of your picture (frontal view)
Background colour
Textures Yes / No

Your icons will most likely be done on the same day after payment has been received unless informed otherwise due to the increased number of orders. Let's not forget, I only have two hands anyway.