9 October 2014

Angel's Anus

I've been working on this project called "Angel's Anus" which is about revamping my room. It all started with me moving out of my apartment and back in with my parents which happened last week and considering I'm on my one week break, I thought why the hell not. I'm awfully distraught by the fact that I have to leave my apartment and I just wanted to feel better. Yes, I am attached to things.  I threw out a lot of stuffs including the built-in cabinet I have to see every fucking night before I sleep because it's hanging on top of my head along with the annoying upholstered headboards on the wall. I was quite amazed of how many things I own but no longer use or no longer find useful so some went into the trash can and some went to charity because most of them are in good condition. Once all the cleaning is done, I had my friends over to scrape off the old paint in my room because it was black.

Meet Byron and Neo. Anyway, after awhile it seems quite impossible so we stopped and I went off to get some paint with my father the next day. Most of you were asking if I was using the same paint for both the cabinets and the walls, the answer to that is no. I'm awfully lazy to answer on Instagram or anywhere else for that matter, most of the time, I'm not even sorry, I'm just lazy. Okay, I used oil-based paint for the cabinets and acrylic for the walls. They're of the same shade of white, at least close enough, I made sure of that. 3 coats on the walls and 1 coat on the cabinets with touch ups here and there as I'd like it to look a wee bit grungy, not too clean. I've also painted the iGallop (OSIM) from dark grey to pure white using acrylic, because it has to fit in with the rest. I'm quite a fan of acrylic paint really, it dries up fairly quickly as opposed to any oil-based paint, they're complete fuckers. It took me a week to do all of it, from cleaning to painting. Four days of painting though, doing it alone does take a lot of time and I'm pretty sure my spine is now deformed.

Here's a  before and after.

The concept.
I've never liked white, at least that's not something I'd ever wear, I only have 1 top in my closet that is in white which I've never even worn outside. But I do however like the art of deception. My previous room was black and it was obvious as to what kind of person I am, it was too easy. White seems a lot more frightful to me, I'm a big fan of padded cells in a psychiatric hospital though, there's just something about it. The concept was inspired by that, except without pads, I'm not going to physically hurt myself now am I? It's already messed up in my head. That's torturous enough so no padding needed. Psychologically speaking in terms of colour, too much of white may lead to something appearing cold and unfriendly, that is also why. I do not want people in my room, it's my bloody sanctuary. That is when I came up with the name "Angel's Anus". I told my friends, I want my room to be white as possible as though I'm in an Angel's anus. That I did.

And mission accomplished.