30 September 2014

The gayest bastard I know

Today would be one of my best friend's birthdayNeo. I only have two best friends, that's quite a contradiction as the term "best" means utmost whereby there should only be one. But then again who's to say I can't have two bests. You're not the boss of me. Quite frankly, I never thought we'd actually have this kind of friendship when we first met which was 2 years ago but then life did this funny thing as it always does. Having a guy as a best friend isn't at all odd for me but I was told that it isn't "normal", people tend to have this assumption that there might be something more to it than just friendship but my God are they wrong. The thing people do not know about this kind of friendships would be that there is no attraction, none whatsoever. Look, we've become so close that thinking about us being more than just friends would be categorized as incest. Apart from that, I have this thing where if I'm friends with someone, once I've decided "Okay, he's a friend." That's just it. It can't be something more, my heart wouldn't be able to feel anything more. I am certain because I know myself well enough. Fortunately, he's the same. If he were to read this he'd mock because he's an asshole and I'd probably cuss him because I, too am one, so all is good. Here I am wishing a Happy Birthday to my cunt of a best friend, may you.. suck a bag of dicks.