7 December 2013

Thoughts on papers

I would like to start this post by saying that it is with utmost gratification that I am announcing the fact that I'll be having 3 months of time-wasting activities as of today. Long breaks are the best at least to me considering I'm quite a pro when it comes to enjoying doing nothing. Moving on, I bought three books today. There's something about untouched books that make me happy, perhaps it's because how physically refined they all are. Anyway, now that I'm on my break, I can finally catch up on some reading. No, I haven't been doing it for quite awhile, not for lack of trying though, just my time has always been very limited for me to do anything else ever since I started my Degree. One of the books that I'd have to read before I die would be Helter Skelter Vincent Bugliosi and Curt Gentry which I'll be getting soon I hope. I have always been wanting to read it since a few years back but then my dad said that I'm already twisted on my own, why add up? He was right, having such a broad mind can be dangerous sometimes especially when it's accompanied by a fiery curiosity. But oh well, I'm all grown up now, as mental as I still am, I'm only a danger to myself. Anyhow, I'm thinking those books ought to give me a peace of soul, one way or another.
On the other side of things, lately I find myself too indolent to speak, talking is exhausting, no? I've been having the urge to not speak at all, that when I was spoken to, I get testy as I am obliged to reply due to a certain man-made rule of morality. It's safe to say that I could go by an entire day with uttering only a few words. Which has led me to realize that the more uninterested I am in speaking, the better I think ergo the more I write, of better things, significant things. Quite oddly fascinating how humans work doesn't it? Or how I function at least. The less I speak, the more I am able to observemyself and the living. Often through my observations that I am able to write something worthwhile. And as long as I can do that, I don't see why I shouldn't.
Alas, creatures.