8 December 2013

Anorexia Nervosa

 Progressive posters.

As some of you may know I've been working on an Anorexia awareness campaign posters, flyers and also an Ambient Media. I've always used myself as the model when doing my artwork but as for these posters, I've decided to ask my friend Julia for a favour as I'm not comfortable doing it myself. Anyway, working with one model is much easier than three. I had to do a lot more editing, sure but it's something I've been doing since I was very young so it's no problem at all.  The posters I've made were based on the effect of mass media on teens' body image. Many have looked past that, they don't really realize how much the media are affecting how they view their bodies. Some of you are actually supporting Anorexia because you're oblivious to the devastating side effects. Quite daft that is. You see models and celebrities having the so-called "ideal" body type and you've encouraged yourself to own such body as well, but at what cost? Do you know that the "ideal" body type portrayed in advertisements are naturally possessed by only 5% of American females? 5 bloody percent. No? Of course. Look, you can be skinny but there is a fine line between skinny and Anorexic. Many have died from this mental disorder because they were left untreated. If you're even slightly obsessed with having a stick-thin figure, you need to talk to someone about it. Honestly, I think that youths these days need to educate themselves more on issues like this and not just take it for granted or simply make fun of it all. Spend less time fucking around online and use it to gain some knowledge on issues that you can relate to. I for one know well enough that mental illness is just as real as any other. 

(Illustrations - to appeal to both children and adults.)

Ambient Media.
(Vinyl Stickers on mirrors for public restrooms and fitting rooms)

(How they'll look like.)

Don't we all just check ourselves out when looking into the mirror 
and start being judgmental pricks? Judging our bodies and faces.
 Those stickers would be a reminder why you shouldn't.
Alas, creatures.