17 July 2013

Take a look at yourself

You fear many things yet you wrap yourself around them and then your fear becomes so pervasive that it consumes you, every bit of you and you know it but you let it be because you tell yourself that this is how it's supposed to be for all your life you appear to have victimized yourself, you've been practicing that particular role more often than you could ever realize even when the sad truth is that sometimes you're the villain. Even then you still chose to look the other way. Oftentimes, most of us chose to be the victim because it's much simpler rather than being the one responsible for another person's misery. Thereby, we refuse to fix what's broken, we refuse to make amends and we just carry on with weights on our shoulders. We blame others for our discontents, for our loneliness because it's an utter dismay to realize that the truth is.. you have failed yourself.  Say, if everyone's the victim, who's ever going to make it right? 
Food for thought.

Alas, creatures.