27 June 2013

Another paragraph for wanderers

   I wander at night, quite often even—I'd visit who I was and what has changed me. Over and over again, tirelessly. I'd open the doors to the past, I'd take a look at the present and peep at the possibility of what my future would look like. They're not always pretty. In fact most of the time, they're quite dreadful but that's how my day would end, every night. Some would say how lonely that must be but it's not about loneliness, it never was. I went for journeys in my head and my heart fumbles and I feel.. everything— every success, every failures, every heart breaks, every joy and laughter. I wander at night and sometimes I wonder why many chose to sleep more than they ever did choose to live. The ambience, the scenery, the very absence of light— ah, how they are all so lovely for the disturbed ..and for me.
 Alas, creatures.