27 April 2013

Political bullshit

Being me, I do not delve myself into the government affairs but things got out of hand, they're everywhere and I have eyes. My eyes are not fond of the things I've seen nor read. Worry not, I speak not of something that would get me behind bars, I speak of the truth, the kind that irks me.

I see a lot of political stuffs on my news feed these days and it pisses me off, quite vexing. Some aren't even old enough to vote and they kept yapping about hating this or loving that. Some are old enough but still quite immature and mind you, "quite" is an understatement in this case. Personally, I don't agree on the whole "bringing-another-man-down" just so another person or party would appear more appealing to the public. I do not agree with extreme followers or should I say entourage. They get so violent physically and verbally just because another person has a different liking and what I've read on the news, on the net, it's all so embarrassing. I think they ought to educate themselves, if they're already educated then they ought to be well-educated.

Honestly, I can't tolerate those who post about political issues when they don't know much about it, they bash about this and that merely because that's what they've heard of or that's what they've read on the internet, I couldn't cope with those who are easily influenced. I for one never care enough for politics. See, politicians are dirty, they all are, if they are not now, they will be soon. They're humans for God's sake, they all have different agendas. You can support whoever you want but don't go dragging people who knows nothing about it. Let others think for themselves, they don't need to be fed. 

This has to be said and message conveyed.

Alas, creatures.