8 April 2013

Point of view

"Just when you think you know something you have to look at it in another way." 

You see, things aren't actually the way they appear to be at first glance. Those pictures for instance, they're the same pictures used repeatedly with different rotations and different styles of cropping. If you look at them individually and not as a whole, you'll see they're not the same at all. Different picture creates a different feeling, it tells a different story. This applies to your everyday life, I firmly believe that in order for one to master a certain subject or to understand a certain issue completely, one needs to be able to think of it in many different aspects, look at it from every single angle possible. You'd be surprised of how little you actually know of something once you've changed your point of view. Change is refreshing. I think we're allowed to have more than one opinion about anything or anyone. That doesn't make us a bunch of hypocrites, in fact that makes us wise. They who fear of shifting from one thought to another, they're just cowards that aren't open to something new, cowards that aren't willing to accept something different than their usual ways of thinking. If I were to be able to rate a person, I'd rate them from the way they think, instead of the way they act or speak because if you haven't noticed already, your thoughts are who you are, your thoughts are honesty. Tell me, how many times have you thought of saying something but your lips uttered something else? How many times have you thought of doing something but your body defies against your will? Food for thought.
  Alas, creatures.