30 January 2011

Come and see

I live by making my own mistakes and learning from them, people around me play their parts. I don't have such strict mottoes in life that would determine what kind of life I want to have, I learn to not take life so seriously. However, for all these while I've been living I always keep three things in mind:

Think the unthinkable.
Expect the unexpected.
Believe the unbelievable.

That's what keeping me on track when I feel like drifting away.It helps to just observe the things that pass me by every once in awhile. Every little details, no harm done. You know what's the sad thing in the world today? The fact that most people see but no longer look let alone watch. The fact that most people, hear but no longer listen. But I do, I try not to take thing for granted, life's too fickle for that.

Alas, creatures.