29 December 2010

Child's play

I haven't been writing any poetry since the last one and I told myself that I needed something new to write about and it took me for about 2 months to get it. This would be my 16th poem. I'll post it here and also on my Facebook page. This isn't about posse nor lovers, it's about my brothers from another mothers and my sisters from another misters. So here goes.

Lips of satans, hearts of angels,
Confine her fouled soul in a crystal bottle.
Play on the field with joy in the weather,
Drank away her tears and generate her laughter.

Look at that rainbow, breaking into halves,
Smote that grin off that young lass,
Though her heart sank and her tears flow,
Inside she knew she's not the only crow,

Their souls merged and their hearts unite,
Leaving yesterday to ashes and dust,
They ripped her horns and glued her wings,
And everything’s just like yesterday‘s evening.

One knife on her back and they hunt in pack,
Run run traitors and never come back,
They’ll cut your tongue and make a scene,
You'd rue the time you made her scream.

She sewed her eyes and opens her heart,
“You are my soul mates” scarred on her chest.
Through thick and thins, she's fighting herself,
Trying to fill the empty shelf.

But there came her comrades raiding her space,
Trying to save her and her battered place,
She's now with a smile as bright as the sun,
There's no other reason for her to run.

-Ally Lilith
Alas, creatures