27 October 2015

The Watchers

Sometimes I've thought about how difficult it is being parents. Having to love what they've made only to let it go when the time comes and the time will come, no matter what. Imagine having to take care of your babies from the day they were born. Within those years of raising them, you taught them how to eat, you taught them how to read and how to speak.

You taught them everything they know. And you use everything you've got to protect them because you know better, you know what kind of evil walks this earth. You want absolutely nothing to harm your children. But then one day, they turned 12 or 18 and they start thinking that they know what's best for them and you have no other choice but to set them free, little by little.

Painful is it not? Having to love what you've made to the point of madness only to let it go.

When we grow, we'd reach an age where we want to live a life of our own but we forgot what it must feel for them. We writhe in pain after a heartbreak of losing someone we've known and loved for a year or two. The heartbreak of losing someone you've made and raised must be terrifyingly agonizing. One day they wake up and all they could do is pray for you and hope whatever the outside world has to offer you, is nothing else but the best.

Humans can only take so much pain and having to go through such an emotional journey, one they've foreseen mind you— believe me when I say that your parents are the strongest people you know.

To my parents, I want to thank you for raising me and I am terribly sorry for what you had to go through.