16 August 2015

Short hair for a short temper

Grey, blue and everything in between.

Sometimes I miss my raven black hair but then I thought of my heart and I'd feel better. The colour of my hair has been changing a lot lately from silver to purple to blue but this is the first time I've actually decided to turn it blue entirely. I don't mind much as it'll be silver again when it fades. I'm glad I've found a way to dye my hair without damaging it, in fact it's really quite hydrating. My hair is now almost as soft as how it was before except with added volume which I love. The reason I've cut off my hair is because I've been rather impulsive lately and quite fearless I might say. Everything is bound to change at some point so I figured, why not be the one in-charge of it. Anyway, my final year has started so I'd be rather busy again for a couple of months and before I get out of bed to drink a glass of juice, the lipstick I'm wearing in that picture is from Not Your God in Nymphadora. A lovely shade that is. And now, my job is done and I shall go. Have a good day ahead, whoever you are.