10 July 2015

Note on memories

I believe that music plays a big role in experiences especially the right songs for the right moments. Where the lyrics and the melody just understood you. They mark certain events in your life and one day, by no one's fault, you'd find yourself in a corner or in the back seat of a car or in the middle of a crowded place accidentally listening to a song playing in the background that instantaneously reminds you of the state you were in once before and just like that you relive it once more. Over and over again for as long as your mind could contain the memories of the past. Perhaps that is a good way to be reminded, perhaps that is the only way to appreciate how far you've come along since then. That you've made it and you'll keep making it till the end of time, that all you have to do is keep walking, living and collect memories along the way. That's what's life's all about anyway. And then you die which is rather cruel. To be born only to walk towards death each and everyday, leaving people you've met, affected, loved— leaving them all behind. Beautifully depressing is it not? The life we're made to live.