7 May 2015

Make up rules for the idiots

Hello there, people of earth. Today we shall talk about painting a canvas in which the canvas is your face of course. Make up is seen to be one of the most important needs of women and they'd always have them in their bags. If you're a woman and claim to not have at least one makeup in your bag, you're just bloody lying. For me, make up isn't so much as to "hide flaws" but it is to express and surely make up is fun but there are rules to it.

For starters, eyes they play a very huge role in first impressions. The makeup rule for eyes is to avoid getting mascara on your skin by using a spoon as a shield. Slid the spoon under your bottom eyelash and apply your mascara thoroughly with ease.

The second make up rule is to always make sure you blush your cheeks according to your face shape. This is an important tip for women as with the wrong blush applying technique, you will probably look like a proper creep (even more so if you already are). Besides that, choose a blusher shade which blends well with your skin tone to avoid it being too light or too much of a baboon's ass.

Next make up rule is when you have that one tiny pimple or spot you desperately need to hide (because you already have a bad attitude and your face is your only hope) the best way to cover up those spots is to apply a dab of concealer with a brush onto the area, blend it in with your finger and finish it off by applying powder on top. That is all for now. Just like any other person, I sometimes find myself in dire need of new make up items for no apparent reason. Good news is that ZALORA now offers a wide range of make up for women online from various well-known brands.