17 October 2014


Most people believe in asking questions to get answers especially when it comes to knowing a person. But I beg to differ. I believe that to really know a person, it goes beyond questionnaires, it is through immersion. You immerse yourself in the music they listen to, it says more about who they are than they care to admit most of the time. Those are the words they feel but have never cared to express. You observe their behaviour, the way they sit, the way they walk. You observe the way they speak and whether or not their eyes light up when speaking of a particular subject. Whether or not they avoid eye contact when speaking of something uncomfortable or maybe even scratch their hand or head while they're at it. In such a way you'd be able to get the idea of one's disposition, maybe not who they are entirely but generally, a person is who they are based on their habits. Alongside that, to save yourself the trouble, it's not at all difficult to spot an emotionally detached person, carefully listen to the words they've chosen to arrange into sentences while you observe their facial expressions, there's bound to be a contradiction. Being observant has its perks but let's not forget of the other kind, there are those very few who deceive, those are the ones who are cognizant of every single movement they make, every single word they speak, those are the ones who know every single detail of who they are —

Those people, are not to be trusted. :)