26 October 2014


I'm rarely seen without my earphones on, that's a fact. I find the need to listen to music almost all the time to a point when one of my siblings or parents wanted to have a conversation with me I'd stop them and say "Don't speak, I want to listen to some songs." Of course they said I was being rude which is something we both agreed on, Ally doesn't mind, Ally's often caught up with her own world and doesn't like to be interrupted. Anyway, it has also become a habit of mine to listen to a few songs right after I've woken up every single day. And when I said "right after", it's literally once I've opened my eyes. They say it's a good distraction but it isn't about that at all to me. It isn't escapism, it's deliverance. It is not my way of escaping, it's my way of saving. If I were to be so bold to admit of the things that have saved me, they would be God and music. Perhaps one day, I'd speak more of the first but for now, this should suffice. I once said, "God bless those who are capable of arranging words in sentences and bound them to melodies that have saved millions of souls." One of which being mine, at least in a degree I know of.