12 September 2014

The light

Oh what's a being got to do in such a monotonous world if not the most tedious thing ever which is to hope for the best.  

Such riveting life we live in, do you not think? Surrounded by sinner, saints and everyone else in between. Those who are certain, those who are lost and then there are those who are fighting the same battle with themselves every single day just to have something to believe in as am I. It is with utmost bewilderment for me to say that I belong to the in-betweens which has never failed to both enfeeble and substantiate my relationship with myself. However, one day I hope to see the light and when I do, I hope it'll always be as bright and beautifully blinding, I hope it'll remain unchanged. We are no stranger to the volatility of our hearts yeah? And that's probably the most challenging thing to keep an eye on. Perhaps in my case, both eyes are required.