3 May 2014

The Logo

Hello there, so yesterday I was in a dire need of distraction so I've decided to create my own logo. The actual logo is without the text but I've decided to add it on for this particular post. Anyway, it's actually a lot tougher to create a self-promotional logo as you know so much about yourself. I have decided to create mine based on my "irrational" fear of the sun. A heliophobic I am. It's not at all irrational really because sunlight makes me ill. Okay, I should stop before I deviate, you do not want to get me started. Believe me. But yes, that. I'm quite strange you see so I thought to myself, "Hey, it's better to create a logo based on a focus point, it's easier.". The most prominent thing about myself. Hence, the sun and also the eye considering I'm quite an observer, I am highly fascinated by eyes and also my eyes are one of the things that make me remember-able aside from my fangs that is but then again I don't go grinning all the time. There are a lot of people in the past that thought I was a part of the Illuminati or whatnot just because my artworks have always been dark and some involved eyes. All I have to say is one thing, get your head out of your ass. As a person, my personality is dark, has always been and always will be, a tortured soul, that's one of the things I love and loathe about myself but no, nothing I've done or will be doing has anything to do with that. It's all about me and what's within. So, that shall be all. You'll be seeing a lot of this in the future though. Ally has to go now, Ally's jaded.
Alas, creatures.