20 May 2014


The worst part of having an alter-ego is that you have no control over it. It's been years and there are still times when things get out of hand. When she decides to resurface, it's overwhelming and it's unexplainable. It makes Ally feel very uncomfortable in her own skin, literally uncomfortable as though something is crawling and scratching, trying to get out but couldn't. It's a lonely experience really. They say it's all in your head but thing is, they're all real. And she's not leaving till she gets what she wants and that is everything good gone. Everything good in me, the good ones surround me. All of it. What I have to do is try my best not to give in because if I do, then she wins. They say writing is therapeutic, they say all kind of shits don't they? I'm at war, every fucking day and have you any idea how frustrating that is? How exhausting? Although I'm a lot better at handling it now compared to a few years ago, it still aches. Such malice, such rage may soon bring me to ruin, again.
Alas, creatures.