28 January 2014

 Judge me if you must but all that I am, I am well-aware of.

You see, some guys are idiotically shameless, they'd call me by pet names thinking maybe, I might be one of those girls who are just too damn nice to say a thing and just let it slide but my God are they wrong. As petty as that sounds, it's infuriating nonetheless. Frankly, I'm the kind of person who'd speak her mind and let you know that such distasteful act will never be tolerated as I do not know you and you disgust me. Look, I'm in a very serious relationship but even if I'm not, piddly shits like that or even flirting will never fly with me because unlike most, I think very highly of myself. Bear in mind that I'm a lass of principle and I've always been boisterously honest which is why I am hated by many but that is understandable as I've never said I was likeable in the first place. Being testy and blunt is never a good combination but fortunately I've come to terms with it. And yes, I'm not those girly girls you come a cross ever so often, I'm just that "arrogant asshole" who doesn't belong to everyone.

 Alas, creatures.