29 May 2013

Wake your senses

It's always such a satisfaction to find new music hidden in the mystical side of Youtube — the serene kind, the kind that only a few know. 

I've posted that a few days ago on my Twitter. It is the soothing kind of music, the sombre ones, the kind that was made as a lullaby, the whispery kind. The real satisfaction is when I listen to songs that only a few have given it a listen. I actually take the time to discover new songs, new artists that deserve to be known but aren't there yet. It's refreshing. With that being said, it is one of the reason why when one day they actually become famous, they've actually made it to the crowds say few years from now and people start going like "They're my favorite singer!" or "This is my favorite song!" or band or whatever, I find it really amusing and quite contemptuous. I believe that those who are passionate about good music shall seek for it rather than wait for it. My ears and soul are not fond of wasting time by waiting for the radio or the tele to catch up. To be honest, the majority of the songs played one the radio are garbage. At least they were back then and now they're getting slightly better. I presume people always like a good beat but very few are particular about the lyrics. They say sex sells, maybe to nitwits. Lyrics are significant to me, it's what makes a good song great. I'd always listen to songs that are lyrical, songs that are relatable to me. See, a song has to speak to the soul and not solely to the ears. It has to have the capability to stimulate one's senses. Those songs that have never failed to create peace and serenity within myself, may God bless the minds responsible for such music that has kept me and many more sane.
Alas, creatures.