21 December 2012

Blood, existence and other things

It has come to my attention that most of you are curious about me in terms of where I'm from or simply what I am. I've been getting a lot of questions like "Are you a mixed blood?" "Are you a Malay?" or "Where are you from?" Those silly ol' questions that I think I've answered in the past. Some people care about those kinds of things that you actually see them typing it out ever so proudly in their "about me" section or whatsoever but I guess it's not as significant to me as it is to others. There's nothing over the top about what I am, it's who I am as a person that's worth being written. But sure, let me appease your curiosity.  First off, I am a born and bred Malaysian. I was born in Johor not because my parents used to live there or anything, my dad was on a business trip and my mother was with him. I guess I was too enthusiastic that I had to come out of her womb there itself. Moving on, I was a breech baby which is pretty self-explanatory of why I am odd or at least that's one simple way to explain it. As I've written on my Facebook page, while most babies curled up upside down, I stood the right way up in my mother's womb, like a boss and they're out there bragging about their so called "swag", pfft. Haha. And yes, I am a Malay. I talk in English most of the time especially to ones I don't know because it's awkward for me to do so with random people. I'm not comfortable with that nor will I ever be comfortable with random people talking to me in Malay. I'd prefer if they talk to me in English. Call me snobbish or whatever, but that's how I am. Everyone has got their own issues, that's one of mine. And I don't quite look like one either, a Malay I mean. I've been told by many that I don't look like my parents or any of my siblings. My siblings used to say that I was adopted because they're such asses but I love them. Both of my parents are Malays but they're not pure Malays. I don't believe that anybody's truly pure blooded anymore these days. I don't know much about my family background but what I know is that my mother's father which is my late grandpa, he was Siamese. So, somehow I have Thai blood running through my veins and based on my mother, I look more like them. Besides that, I am not petite. I am actually quite tall thanks to my dad's genes. That is all for now. I don't tell too much because you know, I put my safety first and it's always nice to keep them wondering.  

 The water's cloudy because Manson's a nasty bastard.
I'll take a better family portrait next time.

I can't help it, this comic-ish app is plain sick.
And due to my mad addiction of purchasing unnecessary apps, I am officially broke.
Thank you. 

Alas, creatures.