29 November 2012

Productivity ✓

Hello there, I have been so caught up with a lot of things these days that my mind is no longer my own. If that makes any sense at all. Anyway, I had to do a montage for my cousin's wedding which I am utterly pleased to say that it's all done with the help of Adobe After Effects because Movie Maker is a basic bitch that crashes every chances it gets. I don't mess with no basic bitches. Haha. Jokes aside, I've never actually had the chance to use AE before but let's just say of all the approximately 9 hours of making the 4 MINUTE montage, I spent the first two hours teaching myself bit by bit. Oh fucking well, those are yesterday's madness. Today on the other hand, something else happened, I've decided to make GIFs out of videos. The firework GIF was my first. It was from Alice in Wonderland, yeah the beginning part, I find it pretty. Sometimes I need to take a break from editing photos and do something new for the fun of it.

I keep myself busy in many ways for example having a movie marathon every single day with the little sister. She's my best friend now. I watched quite a number of movies today itself and one of it was Jumanji. It never gets old. Watched it when I was little and it still excites me. I have been visiting tastekid.com a lot to check out the new movie recommendations she has for me. I'm not completely lifeless just because I sit at home, on the contrary, there may be more life in me than there are in the rest of you. Movies awaken my mind, quite the same as reading just without too much depth. I may not be outside much living my own life or doing something about it but I am living many lives through the movies I've spent my time watching. Think about it as my idea of conviviality. I don't necessarily practice escapism as a way of living but sometimes it does you good, to be a part of something that doesn't exist. That sure beats reality eh.

My mind doesn't really rest and they wonder why people like me are awake when the world sleeps and all I ever wondered was how many people are just like them who took what's in their minds for granted.

Alas, creatures.