19 November 2012

Joke's on you

Worry not, apparently my heart's a joke.

Greetings everyone, as you can see that's my recent artwork. I was merely inspired by the state I am in, I was inspired by those broken hearts out there. An inscrutable satire of the common issue.  I have portrayed the heart as a form of entertainment as it's what it seems in the real world. How many times have you had your heart played? Have many times have you had your heart broken? Ironical is it not? Of all the toys in the world, the heart is what most people have chosen to play with. Of all the fragile things in the world, the heart is the most common thing that most people have chosen to break. Intentionally or not. Anyway, I used my own drawing of a heart instead of the real one to express how I no longer have the heart that was built for me and all that's left is an illusion of it. Rip the heart out and display it for the world to see, like a bad cartoonized comedy show. My dear, instead of crying over it, embrace it, laugh about it. Such a horrid event this is but you know for me, I could finally say that I'm used to it. Moving on, I have taken plenty of shots yesterday and some was shot through my iPhone, the quality is not too shabby, proven below. You know sometimes you get really lonely and all you have is yourself so you kind of fall in love with yourself more than you ever did before? No? Well, just me then.


 It seems to me that nobody does loony like Ally.
My oh my, she really needs to start taking her hubris down a notch.
Wait a minute, false alarm, no she doesn't.
Alas, creatures.