13 October 2012

Black marks on skin

If you've read my previous post you'd know when this happened. Same day, different time. So, ever since my brother has shaved his head, I've had the urge to draw on it, just trying out a different medium you know because canvas is pricey and papers cut trees. Haha. Well, I try helping out the environment every once in a blue moon. Wait, I mean every once in awhile, really, honest. So, I drew on the back of his head, a skeleton that is after that's done I drew on the top of his head and last but not least, his face. Added a little taste of my sexy Rick Genest on the front. It took me approximately 2 hours to get it done, I couldn't do much details though because my brother has this thing where he could not sit still which bugs me.

The media I used were a lot of different makeups including the brushes. Thank God for the old makeup tools that I have completely abandoned because they didn't work well on my face. They have served their purpose well on my brother's. After a little bit of drawing and shading, voilĂ ! All done.

Alas, creatures.