29 May 2012

Eat while you can

Hello, humans. It occurs to me that most teens are afraid to eat because they're afraid to get "fat" but trust me I am not a stranger to food. In fact, I am one of those people who hardly gets full. I am a top-notch eating machine. I can eat one McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish burger in less than 5 minutes. That's a fact. I'm a fast eater, it has been said that I don't go easy on my food and the validity of that still remains. You know how there's breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper? I find all of that irking, I eat whenever I want to. The fact that I'm not fleshy has piqued most people's curiosity. I'm absolutely convinced that the reason I don't look as fleshy as I should according to the amount of food I take everyday is because I'm taller than average. Thank God for my dad's genes. Bottom line is I am grateful to be blessed with such height and such spacious stomach that's capable of handling a bunch of tasty food that goes down my throat everyday. People really shouldn't be afraid of food, especially girls. Food is mind-blowing amazing, it's even more amazing than your boyfriend at least it doesn't make you cry unless it's chilli, then it's a different case. But truth is food should be everyone's best friend, when it's good, it's fucking good but when it's bad it still makes you full, good enough. I love food, I won't lie, it's one of the best things I've discovered ever since I was born. I solemnly swear that the moment I give up on food just to be skinny is the moment I have completely betrayed myself. There's a lot of ways to be "skinny" than to drop your meals. Don't be pressured to be a part of the norms of society.  

Fuck society, love yourself.
Alas, creatures.