17 April 2012

Extreme possibility

I am what my mind has touched.

Of all my life I've always heard of the word silence. People use it constantly to create a sort of peaceful ambience. I used to believe that it is what it is. Words only exist because it's true until a few months ago when I cogitate about a lot of things and I sit in my room trying to find silence so I shut everything off, everything that's capable of making a tiny bit of sound then I wonder does it really exist? Is it really true? Silence I mean; complete absence of sound, is there such thing? Then I came up with a theory that it doesn't. Silence doesn't exist. Because when everything starts to be quite, there's always this faint sound that comes out of nowhere. As though it's arranged in a line, something like the sound of a medical monitor when someone's life ended. Ever since I was little I've been trying to figure out why does that happen. I never asked anyone in particular but I often ask myself, hoping I'd know the answer to whatever my mind questions because I believe that logically whatever you're able to question, you must be able to answer. I'm thinking maybe our minds don't allow us to experience that, "silence", maybe that's too foreign that your mind automatically makes out that sound in your head because you're not used to it. Maybe for your whole entire life you've never quite experienced it, maybe in a majority; no ever has. Isn't it wonderful. There's no right or wrong in having your own theories, I have plenty from the intelligent to the absolute ridiculous. I have done a lot of thinking throughout my life and in the end I've came up with my own conclusions because I'm not one to be a slave to what I hear or what I read without a deep analysis but I am a slave to my own mind because there's no place better than that despite how much of a mess it is, and that's where I choose to reside.
Alas, creatures.